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About Us


Myshot fills a void to success. We developed a community that will help pave the road that will take the artist to the next level.  Many artists spend most of their time on their craft.  They are passionate, creative and they love doing what they do all day.  When elevating your career from a recording artist and performer to a business there is knowledge required that is often harder to understand.  There is an ever-changing world of technology and communication to help connect with audiences around the world in different ways.  Our goal is to work with the brightest talent that has the time, desire, and organization to be apart of our music community.

Why You Should Join Us

Myshot makes it easy for emerging musicians and independent music industry professionals to access industry directories, forms library, online courses. Allows realtime up to date content enabling music professionals to accept your status as CEO of your own artist empire and have 100% ownership.

We're not just trying to build another music community, we strive to educate the music community on the ideal fundamentals of what it takes to make an effect in music business.  Showing them that there’s such a misconception that the prestige of having a degree will guarantee you a success in the business of music.

For us that chose the academic route, it’s drilled that after school, careers take off. The reality is you have to still continue to work hard or even harder. The tools you gain are good for your arsenal, but there are other tools you’ll have to adapt and take on to maneuver through the real world when you are outside the comfort of the four walls of your university.

There are rare anomalies where you catch a once in a generational moment your senior year, but that’s far and in between, you have to mentally prepare for the work that’s coming. No one cares that you have a degree at the end of the day until it means something. 

Myshot will show proven successful musicians, producers, artists that a music community such as Myshot involved in your music and career can help expand your musical and artistic growth by giving the individuals tangible knowledge on successful start-up tips


A Big Thanks

Every aspiring artist, songwriters, musicians, producers & engineers across the world who are empowered to know your value and earn your worth. These aspiring entrepreneurs in the music industry will come together and show how they will be going beyond the normal formalities of today’s business of music.